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12 Reasons to Join Our Team

1 – Low Cost Structure.  Zero mark up on rental fees.  Your entire rental fee is included in the gross margin and you are paid your percentage split with no buy rates.

2- Application – pdf editable with the ability to use docusign – Online App Coming Soon!

3- Online Portal – You can check application status, download commission reports and find documents you need online.  You can also receive notifications when an app is received, pending, approved, declined, deployed…etc

4- Partner Support – We have trained reps who can perform statement analysis, and onboarding team to help partners with application/pricing/support

5- Merchant Support/Technical and Tier 1 – 15 trained reps / English and French

6- Pricing Flexibility – We keep the 1st $20 in profit and next $20 goes to partner, 50% sales partner split thereafter (on each deal).

7- SLA – Applications are typically approved within 24 hours, 5 days from submission until the merchant receives equipment

8- Dedicated account manager – Agents who consistently produce 10+ MIDS per month get their own single point of contact account manager

9- Integrated payment solution / Global East – we have a matrix which lists the software/middleware that are global certified

10- Next Day Funding – Merchants who bank with CIBC will automatically receive next day funding (must be credit and debit merchant)

11- Marketing – We have flyers / proposal editable templates online that sales partners can use and we encourage them to create their own with our approval of course

12- Gift cards – We are finalizing a deal with Givex